About Nola Chemie GmbH

Nola Chemie is a long-standing and renowned company. With constant growth and a continually increasing number of employees, the company is well-established amongst suppliers of specialty chemicals in Germany.

In the purchase of raw materials, in the production of our own products and in the procurement of partner products, we place great value on an optimal price/performance ratio, functionality, quality, user-friendliness and effectiveness as well as environmental and safety standards.

As a partner of prominent international suppliers of lubricants but also as a producer of specialty chemical products for industry and as a service provider, we are in a position to put together a
comprehensive 'package' for our customers and to support them competently and attentively with consulting, extensive testing and series-ready implementation of our products.


Today's Nola Chemie GmbH was founded at the beginning of the last century under the name Novaktinchemie. The first Ferex®-sales were documented as early as 1933. Until 1956, Ferex® was traded under the phrase 'Der starke Arm'('The strong arm') before being registered as a brand name by the then owners of Novaktinchemie and being given the name affix 'der chemische Schraubenschlüssel'('The chemical wrench').

In the years after its founding, Novaktinchemie produced and marketed a variety of different products. Amongst these, the company manufactured a 'pickling inhibitor for the production of rust and limescale removers' in the mid-1960s, as well as a rust converter and car shampoos.

From 1978 until the beginning of the 1990s, Novaktinchemie, which merged into the NolaLack-Chemie Blüchel & Co. KG in 1984, produced nail varnish ranges for well-known brands such as Ellen Betrix, Manhattan, Chicoco or Femia.

By the end of the 1980s, the annual production volume of nail varnishes was over 90 tonnes. In 1987, the company moved from Bonn-Beuel to nearby Swisttal-Heimerzheim.

In August 1994, Nola Lack-Chemie became today's Nola Chemie GmbH.