Ferex e-contact spray

Ferex e-contact Spray

The Ferex e-contact Spray protect electrical contacts and connectors for a longer lifetime.

Ferex e-contact contact spray is an effective contact protection specifically designed to protect and maintain electronic components.

Ferex e-contact reduces voltage losses due to dust, oil, grease or water very reliably and sustainably.

Ferex e-contact - The silicone-free contact spray is the reliable and effective partner for industry.  

It protects the treated parts against wear and corrosion through a thin lubricating film.

Ferex e-contact provides excellent performance in various applications such as: spark plugs and ignition distributors, 

electrical contacts, tools, switches, ignitions, cars, motorbikes, trailers, boats, caravans and bicycles ...

Shake can before use and spray electrical contacts several times if necessary. Wait a few minutes before switching on the electrical equipment until the solvent has completely evaporated.

, silicone free
, Displaces moisture
, forms a resistant protection against dirt deposits and corrosion due to friction